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Conversation between me and student regarding current events


विशेष सूचना….
China stopped water supply into Brahmaputra River North East part of India…. Todays i.e. 01.10.2016….Zee News Report Effect will be seen within 7 days in India….
Plz boycott Chinese Goods…. Indirectly China supporting Pakistan….
आज कल चाइना के आइटम्स पर
Made in China लिखा नहीं आता है।अब लिखा आता है made in PRC मतलब People Republic of China
सभी को forward करे।
चाइना आइटम्स का बहिष्कार करें।🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Kisi bhi DESH ka goods kharidunga per China nhi….


: oh my goodness… HATRED HATRED… Lets Love and Love only… Please please not here this kind of messages


When soldiers die
This is a reality. We can’t run away from this


: 😀dear
We, have to act according to our role we are playing, if we are soldier, we have to fight, if we are ksatriya, administration class, then we have to take action to protect, we all come under sudra or vaishnavas class meaning we have a specific function to do, loka shemam means praying for the betterment of universe is the best of all, and that’s what we want.. And that’s my point here… If you carefully notice Pakistanis are our brothers… Chinese are our neighbours…

When krishna takes bheema to Jarasandha for fighting, they fought for days together, but in the night Jarasandha hosted his guests😀, took care of them nicely, no enmity there, I am trying the teach you all the way to live peaceful life please understand 🙏😀

Another Student:

Very clear Sir👍

I used to be confused a lot before, whether I am not patriotic by being like this.


Pandavas five sons were brutally murdered by asvathama while they were sleeping… son of the guru of pandavas, draupadi cries in great grief losing all her sons at one time 😭😭😭
Arjuna and krishna fights with asvathama binds him in a rope and brings to draupadi to execute him and finish his life… You know what she did..

Draupadi pleaded to krishna and Arjuna to release him so that his mother will not loose him and his cry like her 😭😭😭such is the compassion we should all develop..
Shastra caksu, seeing life through the eyes of Scriptures is the only way to live happy and peaceful life 😀🙏