Why Counseling?

Some people are reluctant to seek out counseling when they have problems, and believe that strong and healthy people should be able to resolve all their issues on their own.  Others believe that talking with a counselor is about the same as talking with a good friend. But there are many good reasons for seeing a counselor when life becomes especially difficult. Even the happiest, most well-adjusted people have problems. Those problems might be caused by marital tensions, difficulties at work, the death of a friend or family member, substance abuse, difficult living situations, or any one of a thousand of things. When people are hurting, confused, worried, frightened, out of control, have phobias, they naturally want help and have difficulty dealing with life. They want a solution that will correct the situation and end their pain, as quickly as possible! Many of them turn to counseling to provide that solution.

In fact, recent studies have shown that one in every three American has been in mental health therapy, and as many as 15 million men and women are currently receiving some form of counseling, therapy and/or life coaching. Many people often wonder whether counseling will benefit them.  Nobody is meant to walk through life alone.  Counseling is simply an opportunity to set aside time for personal reflection, to have a listening ear, and a professional who can guide you toward positive life-style change.

Counseling can help you look at difficult situations with more clarity.  The 50 minutes spent in a counseling session often allow you to clarify your own thoughts and feelings, deal with anxiety about the future, as well as process hurt and pain from your past. You counselor is your guide and your consultant who is there to support and encourage you as you mobilize your resources and strengths to accomplish emotional and mental health goals.

Counseling Services

Counseling provides better access to :

  • Career growth
  • Parenting
  • Extra ordinary marriage relationship
  • Financial security
  • Better performance
  • Handling Post Stress/Traumatic situations
  • Spiritual elevation
  • Handling emotions
  • Getting rid of barriers
  • Causing extra ordinary relationships
  • Causing Life changing breakthroughs

NLiTN Counseling Services: 


  • Regular: Sessions are conducted in our center based on prior appointment.
  • Custom: Based on requirement and concern. Conducted online through e-mail, Skype or other comfortable means. Contact us we will be happy to support you.

We offer outcome oriented counseling process. Here is a sample counseling process, however in many cases the process will not be this simple.

  1. The client will be asked to bring a note and pen to record what is discussed.
  2. What is the outcome the client needs in this session will be recorded.
  3. If any traumatic or unwanted events undergone by subject in childhood will be discussed in order to make it a fully accepted one. Otherwise this will pull down the confidence level. The subject will be asked to detail the events as a scene and write it in the note. Then the client will be asked to run the scene again and again such that it is no longer dis-empowering. This comes from the fact that if a same thing is read and again even if it is displeasing it becomes a story or news.
  4. The client will be asked to discuss on what stops him to achieve the outcome.
  5. Then the client will be asked to discuss on success stories of him/her.
  6. Checkout on whether the stops discussed whether appeared in this success as well. If so the client will be asked how he/she has overcome these stops that time. Adapt a same strategy and devise actions based on the same. Exit from here.
  7. If the stops didn’t appear in these success stories then client will be asked about his/her role model.
  8. Client will be asked to discuss on what his /her role model will will do if this stoppage comes for him/her.
  9. Adapt a similar strategy for this outcome and devise actions. Exit.

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