Stress Management Training Series Part – 1

Stress Management

What is Stress Management? It is all about how you manage you stress. Please read our article on What is Stress to know more about Stress.

 Without Stress Management

Stress Management - Human curve


If you don’t manage stress then

  • Causes exhaustion
  • Decreased concentration and performance
  • Ill health
  • Starting with fatigue
  • Finally breakdown and depression
  • Prone to many stress caused diseases read on below
  • At times become low in confidence causes you to stress more

With Stress ManagementStress management

  • You will never get exhausted
  • Increased concentration and performance
  • Sustained health
  • Increased levels of energy
  • Highly motivated and inspired
  • Bubble with confidence that everything is manageable
  • Assertive
  • Focused thoughts thereby avoiding unnecessary deviations

Know more about Stress management?

  • Stress becomes pre-dominant after our education
    • Because we feel we are alone
    • Not much friends like school or college
    • Also school or college we had a group but in job not many sharing our problems
  • Understand that you are not alone
    • If you feel the whole world is enjoying and only you are not then that is the indication
    • Get connected with people who can Touch, Move and Inspire you
    • Not just try to emotionally support you which will not work
  • Consult a counselor or life coach to guide you
    • Never forget to acknowledge the fact you need support
    • This will put you in grave situation and severe impacts after
  • Stick to healthy life style
    • Having food and sleep at proper time and intervals
    • Go to bed early and rise early
    • Dedicate at least 30 – 60 minutes for your health
    • Be a contributor or somebody needs to contribute to you

 Simple Stress Busters

  • Check your breath, if is too rapid
    • Time to stabilize
    • Just observe your breath like a witness
    • Start counting your breath and breath out cycle
    • If you cross double digit, you are ok
    • Getting into tribble digit count, you have busted your stress successfully, Now devise actions
  • Start journaling
    • Putting stuffs in our mind outside helps to deal with it rationally
    • Break your problem into feasible actions to counteract
  • Yogic practices
    • Jnana and Dhyana mudra
    • Breath in slowly and breath out slowly
    • Avoid breathing through mouth, a clear indicator of stress